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Edinburgh Carpentries

Networking meeting

Venue, Date and Time



The Edinburgh Carpentries (EdCarp), through teaching workshops, are providing basic computational and data analysis tools and techniques to staff and students based at universities in the Edinburgh area to improve their research techniques to make them more productive. This meeting will consist of people that have participated in, that would like to get involved in or that are curious about the EdCarp initiative, including past and potential attendees, instructors, and helpers. This effort aims to build a self-sustaining community in Edinburgh to scale up the provision of training to a much larger cohort of researchers in response to increasing demand. The event will consist of a series of lightning talks (good practice of software using and software building after having attended EdCarp workshops) and an ice-breaking session about the moving forwards steps; followed by a catered networking reception.


Slides and outcomes will be added to this page in due course.


Please register here

Mailing List

If you want to register to the EdCarp mailing list and/or you want to be involved as an helper or an instructor in a EdCarp Workshops fill this form

Code of Conduct

We expect all attendees at this meeting to abide by the Carpentries Code of Conduct. In summary, we encourage the following behaviour:

Please see the link above for the full Code.

If someone violates the Code of Conduct during the event we ask that you report it to the organisers. All reports will be reviewed by the organisers and kept confidential.